Staring at a Ruin is out today!

over the last few months i've been working on an album. i leave work, come home, put on headphones, pick up an instrument, and try to play something worth putting to tape. as it turns out, what i had been doing is called "Social Isolating." so now that the entire world is in the same boat, i think it might be helpful to present the product of my last few months of work. 

the record is called Staring at a Ruin. it is a meditation on empathy. it is a story about a prince whose empire falls on the eve of his would-be coronation. some of the songs have words, some don't. it is about entitlement, depression, and refuge. 

the empire in Staring at a Ruin is home, friends, family, and love. it comes with a responsibility- it needs nurturing and care. the prince is you. 

i'm hoping we can use the experience of this pandemic as a catalyst to change, to a more accepting and empathetic world. while listening, i ask you to consider these themes and consider that our neighbors, wide and near, are also dealing with the exact same problems that we are. hopefully we can come out of this with some answers and solutions.