jeremy rr is a songwriter currently residing in vienna, austria


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good morning,

i've had a bit of time off of work so i've started a small series of instrumental, or mostly instrumental, tracks. these are sonic experiments, or sketches written and recorded in a day. for now i will be releasing them as videos.

there are already two on my video page.

the first is called "things that change, things that remain." it was made as a celebration of the new year. 

the second is called "so it goes, so we go." it was made with the various drones that we follow in mind, whether it be a schedule, a routine, an addiction, or a habit.



BRAIDS is available to stream and/or download.
i sincerely hope you can find a few moments to enjoy it.
thank you.


dearest listener, 

Braids will be released on friday, march 9th. 

in the meantime, you can hear the single for "while i'm away" at the music link.  
i wrote "while i'm away" about a decade ago. though i have tried to record my own versions before, none had been released, until today! a version has been recorded and released by my friend, Jeremy Quentin, it is on his 2015 record, "Still Talk; Second City." 
the b-side, "he didn't look like me," was written a few years ago after i misheard the lyrics of an old country song, i don't remember what song it was. 



i hope that you are getting through winter ok. i have been working hard on a new record since last winter, and i am happy to say that it's now finished. 

two of the songs were released today. you can find them (and download them if you'd like) on my bandcamp. 

there is also a new video on youtube which showcases some of the recording process for the record. if it's not asking too much, please check that out, too.